Textiles and Apparel Buying Services

   Search products and price information and send samples.

   Making the samples from your design or showed by you.

   Entire schedule including, invitation letter service, hotel booking, pick-up and driving to airport, hotel check in, local car service, and also entertainment.

   Organize and accompany you on visit to potential manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and commodity market according to your requirement.

   Discussion on product specifications, market protection, packaging label, payment terms.

   Placing order as you required and follow production schedule.

   Inspecting product and quality control.

   Consolidation of goods from different suppliers and loading container.

   Place shipping order, loading container, customs clearance, and make shipping documents.

Our Buying Office Departments

   Design and product development.

   Technical team (Pattern making and fit approval).

   Merchandising team.

   Quality assurance team.

   Sampling room with few sewing machines and tailors.

   Shipping and Documentation.

   Textile testing lab.

   Sourcing of fabric and trims.

   Factory compliance audit team.

   Shipping and documentation.

   Other administrative departments.